Quality Institutional concrete construction
Institutional Health Care Concrete Building long-lasting institutional concrete buildings. Hospitals, parking lots, parking garages and multi-level mid and high-rise concrete floors, foundations, and supports.
Educational Concrete Construction Constructing concrete floors, walls, foundations and supports for private schools, collleges, parks, parking lots, walkways, roads and sport facilities.
Cultural Concrete Construction Supporting our local arts with compelling and artistic modern concrete methods for art gallaries, museums, private parks, and meeting complexes.
Enforcement & Security Concrete Built to last high-tech concrete law enforement facilities. Concrete flooring for prison, treatment facilities, police stations, concrete stairs, foundations and support.
Big or small? We do it all.
Colorado Commercial Concrete Construction

CCC has the experience and the quality standards to insure your institutional concrete project meets your specific needs.

Specilizing in concrete foundations, walls, supports, floors, stairs and stamped concrete pattterns and colors for hosptitals, clinics, multi-level buildings, private schools, parks, walkways, sporting complexes, art centers, galleries, museums, as well as prisons and law enforcement concrete facilities.