Retail & Commercial Concrete construction colorado
Office Buildings and Retail Concrete Building large concrete floors, parking areas, walls and retail concrete buildings. Retails stores, banks, restaurants, office parks, and shopping districts.
Mid-Rise & High-Rise Concrete Floors Constructing and pouring multi-level mid-rise and high-rise concrete floors, foundations, and supports. Hotels, apartments, condos, casinos, and spas.
Light & Heavy Duty Concrete Floors Long-lasting light and heavy-duty large concrete floors for warehouses, loading areas, and storage facilities. Built to last and support your heavy-duty needs.
Sporting, Entertainment & Hospitality Enduring and attractive sporting complexes, ice-rinks, stadium floors, tennis courts, swimming pools and skate parks.
Quality Concrete. Affordable?
Colorado Commercial Concrete Construction

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest standards at a fair price. With our team's experience and modern technologies, we may be able to give you a higher quality concrete product - for less.

CCC has experience and the technology to provide remarkable concrete project solutions for all commerical concrete needs.

CCC offers concrete paving construction for light and heavy-duty projects, mid- & high-rise concrete flooring, as well as office buildings, retail centers, warehouses.

Our stamped concrete solutions are also a great way to adorne sports facilities, and hospitiliy complexes such as casinos, spas, and resorts.

Not all concrete is created equal. We use the latest concrete technologies to insure our clients a long-lasting, pleasing and environmentally friendly concrete product.